Tenant Testimonials

What our tenants say about us…

“I really loved living in this apartment for the past 3 years and I regret having to leave. Thanks for being so accessible and responsive. It certainly enhanced an already great living arrangement.” – Brent A.

“Thanks so much for all of your care and attention while I was a tenant. The building improved so much after you took over the management.” – Erin B.

“If you wish to live in a managed, stylish rental home that stands apart from a cheap box, you are in the right place. IPG offers great management and service plus their properties are distinctive and special places to live. I’ve lived in my apartment for over eight years and the best have been since IPG has been in charge. For the first time in my life I feel at home in an apartment and that there’s a real return for the money I spend in rent.” – Knox G.

“Thank you for being the most awesome landlord! I’ll certainly miss my apartment.” – Amanda N.

“Thanks so much for all that you have done and I hope to one day be a tenant with you again.” – Shelly W.

“I have greatly appreciated dealing with you and if we ever end up back in Louisville you will be the first to know.” – Liz & Carlos M.

“What a wonderful home we have! We applaud your care and concern that we have our needs met as valued residents. Not only is our unit stunning, but any expressed request has never been viewed as an inconvenience to your operations. The way the breeze is set up to enter in the four doorways of our unit allows the fragrant of spring flowers to fill our home! Market Street restaurants are a stone’s throw from our door, and we love to visit all that NuLu has to offer. Our neighbors define neighborly and it not uncommon for the neighboring tenant to share with us scrumptious vegetables and herbs from his terrace garden! Thank you for providing such a welcoming environment for our family and guests.” – Dennis & Santina H.

“Just wanted to thank you again!  You and (IPG) have been the best landlords! You’ve been responsive when I’ve needed you and, otherwise, let me be! I have absolutely loved living in my little house; it has been such a safe haven and healing place for me! I am so appreciative! Thank you.” -Anne M.

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