Owner/Investor Testimonials

“IPG was recommended to us by a family friend and we have had the most fantastic experience with them. It was critical to find a company that we could count on to protect our interest and look after our property when we were 10,000 miles away. The level of responsiveness and care also enabled us to substantially increase our rental revenue. I can truly say that the decision to use Janet and IPG was one of the best financial decisions our family has made regarding our rental property which has resulted in great cash flow and retention of property value.”

– Leon F., Melbourne, Australia

The IPG team’s attention to detail, along with the personal interaction upon which IPG is based, sets it apart from any competitors I have encountered. Not only has IPG produced a more positive cash flow from my rental portfolio, but my properties are better maintained and are much more attractive in their curb appeal than they were before they assumed management.

I also depend on Janet’s assistance and advice in identifying prospective multi-family properties for acquisition. It is a tremendous advantage of peace of mind in knowing that I have an organization with the resources and expertise to manage these assets in a profitable way.

– Michael P., Louisville, Kentucky

“IPG consistently exhibits a willingness to go the extra steps to assure that my properties are maintained and kept in excellent condition. This not only insures top dollar for each unit, but coupled with an excellent screening process, gives me the confidence that the right tenants are matched up with each unit.

In terms of capital rehabilitation and restoration, Janet and David have the insight and knowledge to ensure a successful project. They also have the resources available to make sure the job gets done right and economically. It is hard to put a price on how valuable it is to have this expertise readily on-hand for future major capital projects. We will now be able to almost double the rent for our Highlands area property and the return on investment already shows in the bank appraisal.”

– Ken G., Louisville, Kentucky

You guys are my third property management company, and I must say you’re at least 1,000 times better than both your predecessors combined- well done!

-Mark M., Portland, Oregon

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